Basics of Nailart (2 days, level 1)
Learning to compose materials, colours and forms from scratch
Mixed Media and 3D (also Private Coaching)
Supporting you in preparing championships and/or in closing gaps
Japanese patterns and tattoos
Hand painting in 2D and 3D (2 days)
Quick, simple, but fancy designs (1 day, level 2)
Make more profit in your daily studio work, differentiate yourself!
Springs is in the air and wedding designs (1 day, level 1)
Cool designs
Baroque meets Gothic (2 x 1 day, level 3):
Curls, Shells, Angels and Ornaments with Shadow- Techniques. 3D-light
Flowers abstract (1 day):
Flowers with Change-techniques
Animals as Eye Catcher (2 days):
3D-light with painting on...
Advanced Nailart (2 days, level 2)
You know the basics - now let's get cre-active!
Clowns and Mimic (2 days):
Provide character and life to the personalities
Abstract design in water colour techniques (2 days)
Egypt (2 days):
The world of Pharaohs and Divinities

For more details please go to facebook, hyves.nl or send me an e-mail to ilse@ilsnails.com